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About us

We are not only the main source of luxury fine fur, we can also create real fur coats, vests, carpets or matching fur with knitwear, leather. New products are regularly added to continue the hottest fashion trends. Take some time to browse the largest online collection of authentic fur, waistcoats and coats.

We want and we can help you.
Our special customer service team is full of fur experts, consultants who are ready to help you, educate and introduce you. Check out our extensive list of well-placed products. You will find detailed descriptions and specifications, as well as high definition images.
We are a Nordic country - Lithuania
Our head office is located in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. We are proud that many of our products are manufactured in other cities as well. Most of the fur used in production is also purchased at local farms in Lithuania or in the Copenhagen, Finland fur auctions.
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