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Transfer money to the specified account. You will receive your bank account and recipient's e-mail as soon as you make an order. Enter the order number for your payment purpose. If we do not receive payment within 72 hours the order will be canceled.
Our company accounts in SEB bank, so you can choose a convenient account. If your bank is another, then we ask you to place the order in any of the proposed accounts

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The return of Items that are in suitable condition, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the Approval of the Regulations of Retail Trade( 22/07/2014) and the Regulations of Retail Trade.

In the case of concluding the Contract of Purchase-Sale (hereinafter Contract)by the Consumer via electronic means (a distance contract) and thus not being able before concluding the contract to take advantage of the right conferred by the law to inspect the items and to assess service qualities, he/ she has the right to cancel Contract of Purchase-Sale, notifying in writing the buyer within 14( fourteen) days of the item delivery date. If a Buyer under one Contract purchased several items, he/ she has the right either to refuse all items which have been purchased under one Contract or just some of the items purchased under one Contract. A specified 14 (fourteen) day period for written request submission shall run from the day of the delivery to the buyer or his/ her approved representative and a longer time will not be set or any how related to product delivery or return to the Seller or any other person because of the reasons that the Seller is not responsible for.

Purchased Products that are in suitable condition can be returned within 14 days of your order date if* :

(*timing starts from a day costumer received good/goods and cannot be extended)

All returns before send, please ask address by  The buyer who returns products is responsible for:

We may refuse to accept a return if an item or its package has been altered, which was not necessary in order to check the item, including damaged labels, broken protective films and damaging of transparent packaging, which would not have prevented a buyer from inspecting the product.

If quality of an item package is not good enough that it can be sold for the same price later without infringing another Buyer’s of this product rights to buy new and unused item , such items may be returned only by mutual consent (e.g.: if the buyer agrees to pay the seller the adequate amount for loss in value of the item).

In case of returning an item purchased from online shop we will ask you to present a completed returns form with a detailed information including order number, date, product name, price, delivery date. You will have to provide an account for a refund.


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