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Useful to Know about Otilia Fur products

Maintenance of FUR products:

Long-haired furs eventually come together. Therefore, carefully bend the cuffs or sides with metal comb with long teeth from the edges to the inside. Long hair is cut short and short before hair. Just do not scrub with sharp movements, as you can break the skin and grow hair.

The light, the sun's rays, the dark fur fade away, and the white fangs. Therefore, during the summer, keep them in a dark room, covered in a cloth. Just do not put them in polyethylene bags, because there will not be any air through them. It is best to keep fur coat in hide or cotton bags in the summer. Fur hairs, which have a bright white color (lobsters, cloths, white foxes) or silver foxes, are very fast on the light, so keep them translated to the other side.

Hang your fur on a sturdy, wide hanger so the shoulder line remains unchanged and the weight is evenly distributed. The place where the fur coat should be sufficiently spacious so that the coat is not compressed.

To protect the fur from fur, put dried orange peel or tobacco leaves in fur coat. Do not spray on mosquitoes and insects or other chemicals.

When it comes to winter and again, "revitalize" fur coat in the closet. Put them on a clean snow-covered fur down and beat them.

When moving, when it comes out of the field, fur articles need to be shoved and hang on the hanger, the furry fur products can only be dried at room temperature, away from radiators or other heating appliances, and do not dry in the sun. After shaking, shake well to make the coat clean. If, after drying, the hair has lost its luster, it can easily be tightened with metal combs, and should not be used for combining feathers.

Avoid wearing perfume or hair care products on fur products as they contain alcohol that dehydrates the fur.

It's better not to sit on fur, fur does not like rubbing and scratching.
You should carefully choose jewelry, because holes may appear from blanks or other sharp jewelry.

Wear harnesses so that the fur collar does not get so fast, it does not wear out.

Very often do not carry handbags over your shoulder. They scratch and scratch their fur, and they can rub their fur.                                                                                                                                

Maintenance of WOOL products: 

Take care of your wool garments, and they’ll keep you warm for winters to come.

• Empty pockets after every wearing to keep them from bulging or sagging.

• Treat small stains by rinsing them with cold water or seltzer and then blotting them dry with a clean cloth. Clean it using your washer’s hand wash or wool cycle with cool water.

• To remove excess water after washing, gently roll the garment in a towel.

• Dry on a flat surface away from direct heat or sunlight.

• When traveling, loosely roll or fold wool garments with tissue paper to keep the fabric’s shape and avoid wrinkles.

• To freshen a wrinkled garment, hang it in a steamy bathroom. A warm iron on the wool or steam setting can also be used.

• Dry cleaning once a season is usually sufficient to keep wool garments in good shape.